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    Excelsior Quality Control System

    To end users, product and service is always in the first place, which is a basic point for customers to comprehend the company and the brand.
    Whether a wholesaler or a retailer, we have the same mission, that is, to provide ideal service to our end users. Without support of end users, any of our great plans will be in vain.
    Therefore, we spared no efforts in controlling product quality. We set up a special QC team as well as a complete quality control system for raw material procurement, product design, production, test, inspection, storage and transportation.

    Leading Product Innovation Capability of the Industry

    Chinese manufacturing ability has been acknowledged around the world, and Chinese innovation potential and energy keep emerging. Future competition will be value competition other than simple price competition.
    To HIGHWOO, one of our important strategies to meet the trend is to strengthen our innovation capability. We have been exploring product improvement and innovation from raw materials, exteriors, colors, designs, to usage convenience. Meanwhile, we are cooperating with specialized company in product design to enhance innovation capability.
    Plentiful product specifications and styles will fully fulfill your commercial strategies.

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